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Jaclyn 2 days ago


Went for a weekday lunch, with great service from the moment we walked in. I had the Potato pizza, which was a delicious and homey change to a regular slice of pie—the leeks and marinated red bell peppers with the potato gave a salty and sweet aspect, different than I've ever had before. I would definitely recommend it (my husband really enjoyed it too). We always have a great time at Cattivella, both with or without our kids (this visit was without), and will continue to visit for the foreseeable future.

Brittney.Johnson41 2 days ago

Charbroiled Oyster

​The happy hour is the best in Stapleton due to the charbroiled oysters being on the menu. While everything is good on the menu, I recommend that every table start this dish with these barring any allergies. The Parmesan and butter make the oysters melt in your mouth. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to sit in the bar with a glass of wine and the oysters as my meal. You definitely can't go wrong with this dish!

Sheila 6 days ago

Charbroiled Oyster

My #1 favorite dish! These are superb! The flavor is phenomenal: tasty mignonette & melted Parm marries with the mouthwatering flavor of Puget Sound's oysters enhanced by the char of the wood fired grill. I dare you to eat just one!

Mikabuckkey 8 days ago

Lamb Ragu, pappardelle pasta, truffle sheep cheese

This is such a solid dish. Seriously tastes like you are Italy. Perfectly seasoned lamb that tastes like steak and amazing pasta. Order anything with truffles here! I can't wait until they offer the truffle lasagne again as a special 🙌🏻

Jdlemon 17 days ago

Buffalo Burrata

I'm sure the Buffalo Burrata is amazing. But I actually had the Agnolotti which was on their menu a couple weeks ago. Either way, my wife and I have been to this place a couple times now and each time it has been terrific! The level of service, the variety of the menu, the specials(!!), and the food; everything is excellent! This is a go-to spot for us now. Super excited about the spring menu and the new Tuesday Special!

Biramire 18 days ago

Charbroiled Oyster

Cattivella is a hidden gem, and their Happy Hour menu is amazing. There is nothing that is not amazing on this menu and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and nice. We will continue to visit with our family on a regular basis.

Justinmharned 27 days ago

Salumi Calabrese

I wasn't even hungry and I ate the whole pie. This is seriously some of the best pizza I've had in Denver. Right up there with Osteria Marco and Pizza Republica. 10/10 will eat again.

Carol 28 days ago

Fattoria Piatto

We love, love, love this appetizer! It is light enough to have before dinner and there is something for every taste. Every item is a treat!

Lisah1209 2 days ago

Risotto of the night

We stopped by on Mother's Day for dinner. We shared the charcuterie plate for a starter and it is always a treat. My favorite is the boudin noir. For my main, I ordered the risotto with beef tenderloin and it was delicious. The risotto was cooked perfectly and the Gorgonzola cheese in the cream based sauce pair perfectly with the tenderloin.

Lauren.Arrington 6 days ago

Rabbit gnocchi

I usually order a pizza, but decided to take a chance on a pasta dish this time. I ordered the rabbit gnocchi, and I think I found my favorite! The subtle sweetness of the gnocchi mixed with the mushrooms, tarragon, and gorgonzola, a flavor trio that I first enjoyed on the mushroom pizza here, was divine. The rabbit was tender and had a delicious smokiness. I'll probably order this a few more times before trying the next new thing!

Sheila 6 days ago

Calamari Fritti

Crispy tender morsels perfectly seasoned with a delicious aioli to dip them in and the wonderful grilled lemon half with the charred flavor. It's one of my favorite bites here.

Kellyhanratty 15 days ago

Lamb Ragu

The food is fantastic! We've eaten about half the menu so far and everything has been great. And so accommodating of our gluten-free daughter.

Shanlemon 17 days ago


This is probably one of the best mushroom pizzas I have ever had. Truly amazing flavors and it was the perfect size. Will certainly get this again and again!

Doug 18 days ago

Calamari Fritti

Amazing! One of the few places where it's not over cooked and rubbery. Keep up the great work!

Annette 28 days ago

Buffalo Burrata

My 12 year old son is a huge mozzarella fan, so I treated him to the Buffalo Burrata appetizer while we sat at the Chef's counter one Sunday afternoon. The burrata arrived accompanied by a warm, crusty flatbread topped with preserved tomatoes and basil. The dish was absolutely delicious! The preserved tomatoes balanced well with the burrata cheese. I was able to get one slice of the flatbread before my son declared that he wanted to finish the rest and I could eat the calamari myself (he's not a seafood fan). The next time we return, we will have to order two!